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Integrative psychotherapy

What is integrative psychotherapy?

I hold a degree in Integrative Psychotherapy. In my consultations, I combine different techniques from different disciplines, albeit with a strong focus on hypnotherapy and inner child therapy, according to what best suits your needs. I work on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels of change. Schools of psychotherapy and thought that I have been influenced by, apart from my own experiences and those of all the clients I have had over the past years, are: Psychodynamic Therapy, Contextual Therapy, NLP, Hypotherapy, Inner Child Therapy, Mental Space Psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, The Work by Byron Katie, The Journey by Brandon Bays.

Stages in therapy

Stage 1: Gaining clarity and establishing safety

I always start by asking a lot of questions to gather information and get your awareness going concerning your own issues. I also gage if you feel secure enough and strong enough to undergo transformative work. If you have a lot going on already, that comes first, before working through older traumas.


Stage 2 Transformative work

When we have achieved clarity on your issues and goals and it is safe to do so, I move forward to work on establishing change, during which I make use of different techniques from psychodynamic therapy, contextual therapy, NLP, transactional analysis/ inner child therapy and hypnotherapy. Read more about hypnotherapy here.

Stage 3 Integration

The final stage of therapy is the integration, in which you apply the insights and behaviour that stem from your newly found equilibrium. We meet less frequently in this stage, as you are practicing on your own.

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