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What is hypnotherapy?

​Hypnotherapy is a type of psychotherapy that works with the subconscious level of awareness. In hypnotherapy, we assume that the issues and problems people face, stem from subconscious roots. Luckily, the subconscious level also harbours the resources and solutions necessary to alleviate the problems. It just requires tapping into these resources.

The subconscious determines most of our thought processes, reactions, behaviour and emotions. We don't create them consciously. At night, when we dream, our subconscious mind processes the experiences and impressions we have gathered during the day. Our subconscious uses images, sounds, smells, sensations, symbols and emotions to process these experiences.

In hypnotherapy, we use a therapeutic or natural trance to access the subconscious. Trance is a natural phenomenon, we all go in and out of trance multiple times a day. How often do you find yourself loosing track of time when you're on your phone? Trance is nothing more than fixed attention, so you block out the outer world. Sometimes the trance itself is the problem, if it is the problem itself you are so focused on that you miss the bigger picture. Then, hypnotherapy is geared towards breaking the trance and getting the client back in hte present.

During the consultation, I use different forms of psychotherapy, such as working with subconscious parts (ego-states), inner child therapy, mental space psychology, regression and NLP. These types of hypnotherapy are especially effective in recovering from childhood/developmental trauma, attachment issues and codependency. If that is something you're interested in, do check out my specialisations.

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