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About me

My name is Jarichje Moeshart (1978). Having spent 6 years of my childhood abroad (4 years in the UK and 2 in Oman), returning to my home-country, which didn't feel like home at all, as an ex-expat was quite a shock to my system. That, combined with several other adverse childhood experiences and a highly sensitive disposition, caused me to survive rather than thrive until well into my adulthood. After a couple of failed relationships and a career that just didn't take off, I decided to look within for answers. And I found them. As I was forced to deal with the unresolved and untouched pain from my past, I felt a new version of myself (or maybe a very old one), emerging. In this transformation process, which was a very hard but deeply beautiful experience, I gained clarity about my mission on earth: to help others awaken to their true nature. You are most welcome if this resonates with you!

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